INet is an employer that is providing its employees with a benefit program responsive both to the diversity of its community and to the many life changes individuals experience during their employment. Qualified employees are eligible for the majority of benefits immediately upon hire.

INet contributes a significant amount of benefits, such as: medical examinations of workers, compensation for overtime work, usage of mobile phones, possibility to purchase goods from many different stores under special conditions, possibility to purchase products from INet’s assortment with special price reduction, possibility for personal growth through trainings organized and paid by employer, auspicious working time, collective worker’s insurance, possibility to purchase goods in Tineks Market with delayed payment, occasional gifts…

Auspicious working time

Guided from the idea that working time could improve working atmosphere and support specific social fulfilment to its employees, INet has decided for a special change in working time, starting 2007. This change means that, from Monday to Thursday working time is from 08:30 till 17:00; In Fridays, from 08:30 till 14:30.

Collective worker’s insurance

Our life, health and body integrity can not be stated in money. However though, when an accident occurs, money is necessary for covering the costs. Because of INet’s care for the security of its employees and their families, every year all of them are collectively insured in one of the best Macedonian insurance companies. It covers injuries obtained during working hours; or while performing regular professional duties; on its way from and to the workplaces as well as injuries obtained during daily activities.

Medical examinations of workers

According the Law, INet organizes medical examinations of workers once per 18 months. Examination includes few tests that can define each worker’s health condition and working abilities.

Compensation for overtime work

In order to complete duties on time, and in some other cases, employees could extend working time. This is defined with procedure for overtime compensation, which means that extension is followed and evaluated by managers, and is compensated according to the Working Relations Law.

Mobile phones

At this moment six (6) most qualified employees are given the opportunity to use paid mobile lines and phones. In the near future INet plans to give this opportunity to all employees.

Possibility to purchase goods from many different stores under special conditions

In the few stores for technical equipment our employees can buy products under special conditions. These are: reduced prices and delayed payment without additional costs up to 6 months.

Possibility to purchase products from INet’s assortment with special price reduction

All products that INet offers from its own product portfolio can be purchased by employees with reduced price on lowest possible level.


Taking care of its own employee skills, facilities and professionalism, in accordance to the innovations and in order the employees to get improvement wherever it is possible and needed, they have chance to attend different courses and trainings and afterwards to get additional skills useful in everyday activities

Purchasing goods in Tineks Market with delayed payment

Many years ago INet has concluded agreement with Tineks Market, which means that employees could purchase goods from their markets with special membership cards, up to the previous defined limit, and pay it 30-45 days later.

Occasional gifts

INet’s yearly budget includes designate sum that could be used for occasional gifts. That means that every celebration connected to employees, like: birthday, wedding, new born child, name day, etc. is noted and rewarded with occasional gift.