Serving Our Communities
Our Purpose

INet's Corporate Giving Program invests volunteer, cash and in-kind support in communities where our associates live and work. These investments are directed to innovative programs to promote education and economic self-sufficiency, to ensure quality of life and improve the health and well-being of citizens.

This program, guided by our corporate values of teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity and innovation, focuses on three areas:

  • Education
Support is targeted at scholarships, computer science, distribution management and other programs that promote economic self-sufficiency. General operating support will not be considered.
  • Health and Human Services
Support is targeted at community-based social and health service agencies for specific programs. A significant portion of the support granted in this area will be channeled through INet's investment. General operating support will not be considered.
  • Arts and Culture
Program support is targeted at performing arts centers and cultural organizations. General operating support and requests to underwrite performances and exhibitions will not be considered.


Organizations requesting support from INet's Corporate Giving Program must be tax-exempt, and must be nonsectarian. Services must be available to the community at large and not restricted to members of the organization. The Corporate Giving Program is intended to advance INet's goals of promoting diversity and equal opportunity.

The following are not considered for support through the program:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations whose chief purposes are to influence legislation or participate or intervene in political campaigns on behalf of or against any candidate for public office
  • Religious or faith-based organizations or programs whose purpose is to proselytize or promote a particular faith or to provide service only to members of a specific faith
  • Veteran, labor, fraternal or social organizations
  • Special events, benefit dinners, golf tournaments or goodwill advertising
  • Sports teams or sports-related activities and tournaments
  • Capital or endowment campaigns
  • National and international organizations
  • Organizations not located in and providing service to one of our identified target communities
  • Donations of new technology products and services or discounts on the same, as precluded by supplier and customer agreements

Program Structure and Application Procedures

Requests for volunteers and cash contribution less than EUR 500 are reviewed by the corporate grants committee. Requests are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please submit a written request via mail providing the following:

  • A description of the organization, including its history, mission, goals, objectives and services provided
  • A specific request for support and a description of how the support will be used
  • A current list of the organization's board of directors and their affiliations
  • A copy of the organization's budget for the current fiscal year
  • A copy of the project-specific budget
  • A copy of the letter from the Internal Revenue Service designating the organization as tax-exempt
  • A copy of the organization's audited financial statements from its most recently completed fiscal year
The corporate grants committee reviews requests for cash contributions of EUR 500 to EUR 2,500. Requests are accepted on a periodic basis. The corporate grants committee is not accepting requests at this time. Organizations interested in applying for a corporate grant should check this site for updated information.

INet accepts requests for volunteer board members from qualified charitable organizations. Opportunities are presented to appropriate INet associates. No guarantees are made regarding actual placement of an INet representative on any charitable board, and placement of an INet associate on a charitable board does not imply or guarantee financial support from the company. A specific application form is required.


For assistance with eligibility requirements, application procedures, requests for applications and volunteers, as well as inquiries about submission deadlines, charitable contributions, board members, or general questions about the INet Corporate Giving Program, please call (+389 2) 3090.625, or mail proposals to:

Attn: Community Relations
Atinska 12, P.O. Box 468
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Faxed requests will not be accepted. Currently, the INet Corporate Giving Program does not publish an annual report.