Lenovo Warranty Services

Lenovo Authorized Distributor / Lenovo Authorized Warranty Service Provider


Products manufactured by Lenovo are covered as manufacturer’s warranty.

The Lenovo equipment is produced to high standards, and is warranted to perform as described in the supplied documentation.

The warranty applies only to the hardware specified in the Warranty List and used under normal operating conditions and within specification. Equipment supplied by Lenovo is intended for use in computing environments that are temperature-controlled, free from excessive moisture, dust, humidity and maintain a consistent, clean source of power. Unless as otherwise specified, equipment is not warranted for use in extreme environments.

To obtain service under the warranty, the Client must notify INet of the defect before the warranty expires.

INet will advise the Client of the address to which the Client must ship the defective equipment at his or her own expense. The equipment should be packed safely, preferably in its original packaging.

If problems arise with the equipment during warranty, INet will make all reasonable efforts to rectify them.

The warranty service may incur a charge, depending on the nature of the problem, and is subject to the other conditions.

INet shall not be held responsible for special, consequential or punitive damages of any kind arising out of sale, installation service or use of the equipment.

The warranty does not cover hardware modified in any way, subjected to unusual physical, electrical or environmental stress, used with incorrectly wired or substandard connectors or cables, or with the original identification marks altered.

Tampering with or breaking the warranty seal will also void the warranty.

INet does not warrant that equipment as suitable for any specific purpose, other than that explicitly stated by Lenovo.

For more information contact a Lenovo service representative.