January, 2007 INet had been awarded with IT Mark Certificate. The Appraisal was conducted by ESI (European Software Institute) Centre, Bulgaria.

Being distinctively better than rivals on one or more Key Success Factors (KSFs) presents a golden opportunity for gaining competitive advantage. A key factor to our success today and in a future is a strategy that helps INet to run the business more effectively. One of the best practices that INet choose between accepted internal Quality Methodologies is IT Mark certification – CMMI quality certification.

Our devotion on the quality standards resulted with ‘Successful Achievement in full accordance with the requirements of the IT Mark Appraisal Method’.

In general, IT Mark assesses and certifies the quality of SMEs in three main areas: one related to overall Business Management (strategic, commercial, financial, marketing, etc); another on Information Security Management; and the third one, specifically related to the Maturity of their Software & Systems Processes. In matters relating to Business Management the reference used is the 10-Squared model, which was developed to assess applications for Venture Capital. From the Information Security Management point of view, the reference model is the ISO 17799, whereas for Software & Systems a lightweight version of CMMI® is used, a standard globally acknowledged by the IT world with which ESI has broad experience in providing services to enterprises in all five continents.


In the future, INet continues to follow existing quality standard processes & procedures, and intend to be certified by different international rules and regulations. In the mean time, INet insists to achieve the best possible quality and certification, in order to ensure that businesses succeed.

Update: December, 2009 INet once again confirmed continuation of quality standard processes & procedures. Thus he had been recertified with IT Mark Certificate.