Based in Macedonia, we provide premium offshore outsourcing services by leveraging high-quality software engineers at a competitive cost. Our goal is to recruit, setup and manage your extended software development team, ensuring that you have the necessary talent and expertise in one place. We are committed to make sure our team delivers up to the required standards and even exceeds your expectations.

We can offer Dedicated Teams, Fixed Price – Fixed Time, Time and Material, and Mixed approaches to working together. Depending on the scope, priorities and complexity of your project, we will advise and recommend the best way to proceed.

Dedicated Teams

Some clients need a dedicated team of developers at their disposal full time. For this purposes, we are able to recruit, quickly set up at our premises, and manage a crew of professionals allowing you to gain access to a pool of talented experts, while optimizing your time and financial costs. Our responsibility is to ensure the speed, quality and transparency exceeding your expectations. This model focuses on close integration of your and our project teams, while retaining mutual business independence and an opportunity for clear and fluent exit for our clients.

Fixed Price – Fixed Time

Cost overruns of anywhere from 100 to 200 percent are common in software projects. We work on a fixed-price, fixed-time approach, with stringent requirements and scope definition processes to keep the numbers in line and the timeline on target. A simple but effective change management process ensures change request and requirements creep are properly handled. This approach lowers your project risks and gives you predictability on the expected deliverables.

Time and Material

For some clients it does not make sense to build and maintain dedicated teams full time. Their demand for engineering, QA or design services, though constant and recurring is either limited, seasonal or requires multi-disciplinary skills. For these customers we are happy to set up a special arrangement that gives them a pool of professionals who will be available for addressing these needs. INet will ensure our employees deliver and report their work as agreed and charge for it, based on a pre-defined hourly rate.

Mixed Approach

For clients that chose INet to recruit and manage their extended development teams, INet is often required to provide additional flank services for skills that are not required full time, such as web design, quality assurance, and alike. We accommodate such needs on a time and material basis or provide our clients with fixed price – fixed time offers.

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