INet – guest speaker for “Positive examples of Corporate Social Responsibility in RM”

On 13th May a presentation was held at American College Skopje where representative of  INet was invited as a guest speaker for "Positive examples of Corporate Social Responsibility in RM" . The presentation was organized for the 2nd year students at the Faculty of Business Economy, at American College Skopje.

The Presentation started with 5 minutes video known as "The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes"  that provoked  the students to  discuss more on this topic. The aim of the presentation was to inform students about good Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance practices in INet.

"Our Corporate Governance and CSR wear a special kind of value added derived from operating in an ethical framework" - said Nadezda Dimitrovska, Centre of Excellence Executive. "Importance of the Code of Ethics is to contributes to clarify the expectations of the company in the behaviour of the employees in different situations. It makes clear the intention and expectations of the company's employees to recognize the ethical dimensions of policies and actions of the company."

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